When you live in Evanston you can either find service opportunities in the city to the south, Evanston, if available or in the suburbs to the north. When a lady was looking on line for a place to have her Royal vacuum cleaner repaired, she had choices in all directions. She choose Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief instead of 3 closer vacuum repair shops. When we asked why she choose Kritz Vacuum for her Royal vacuum repair, she was delighted to tell us she found our 5 star reviews gave her confidence in our abilities. Needless to say we were pleased with her choice. She reported that the Royal vacuum is not picking up. we performed an estimate and confirmed that her Royal vacuum has poor pick up. We determined the reason her Royal vacuum is not working is due to a bad brush bar. We re[p;ace the Royal vacuum brush bar and belt. Now her Royal vacuum cleaner is working great again in Evanston.