A lady brought in her 27 year old Miele vacuum cleaner for repair service. She told us she chose Kritz Vacuum to have her Miele fixed because of our 5 star reviews and great customer service. She explained that there were several issues she was concerned about with her Miele vacuum cleaner. She said that the Miele vacuum is not picking up, has a burning smell and makes a very weird noise when turned off. We knew the combination of these 3 symptoms and the age of her Miele vacuum cleaner that the motor was starting to fail. We checked in her Miele vacuum and in a day we had diagnosed the Miele vacuum cleaner as having a bad suction motor and a bad hose. The motor was causing the burning smell and reduced suction, the hose was not passing electricity to the cleaner head so that the brush would not spin on carpet. We presented her with 2 options; an estimate to replace the motor and hose AND the option to trade in her old broken Miele towards a new Miele vacuum cleaner. She chose to trade in the old broken Miele vacuum cleaner for a new Miele vacuum cleaner. She received $200 for the old Miele which she applied towards the Miele vacuum cleaner. She went home with a new Miele vacuum cleaner and the expectation for it to last a very long time. we went home that night knowing we made another happy customer.