If you live in Northbrook and you need your Dyson vacuum cleaner repaired Kritz Vacuum in Highland Park is the place to come for repair. Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief is a factory authorized Dyson vacuum cleaner repair center. Kritz Vacuum offers FREE estimates and same day service on Dyson vacuum cleaners. A lady brought in her Dyson vacuum cleaner for repair service from Northbrook. She said her Dyson vacuum cleaner was not working. We asked more questions which revealed the real issue, the Dyson vacuum is not picking up. We porformed an estimate and confirmed that the Dyson vacuum has lost suction. We determined the reason the Dyson vacuum has low suction is due to a clog…a MAJOR clog. We removed the clog and cleaned the Dyson filters. Now we have a happy customer with a working Dyson vacuum cleaner in Northbrook.