Today I want to address what we see at Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief in Highland Park as the single most important step to reduce the effects of allergies during the fall and winter months. HUMIDITY!!! We all know form living in the Chicago area that as the temperature drops outside, humidity levels also drop outside and INSIDE. Not only does the drier air wreak havoc on our, wood floors, wood furniture, fine musical instruments & art, skin, lips and hair… AND that annoying STATIC CLING! Did you know it also causes additional stress on our respiratory system? Using an evaporative Humidifier/Air Washer is the most effective way to add humidity to the air while removing dust and air born allergens. If you have ever experienced the “White Dust” PROBLEM an ultra sonic humidifier produces then you have seen how bad these are for those of us with allergies. The White Dust is a combination of the undissolved Minerals , Calcium and dust from the Ultrasonic Humidifier being sent out into the room, nothing we should be breathing in. Venta Humidifiers & Air Washers do not produce this White Dust problem. In fact, Venta Humidifiers & Air Washers also do not have the typical Mold & Bacteria problem plaguing most other humidifiers. Probably the most appreciated attribute customers talk about after they have owned a Venta Humidifier is that there are NO FILTERS to replace! EVER! Venta Humidifiers range in size from the very small LW15, suited for smaller bedrooms, nursery’s & home offices upto the WHOLE HOME model capable of 2,700sf, The Kuube XL-T.

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