Just the other day a gal called form Glenview IL asking if we repair Dyson vacuum cleaners. After we explained that we do fix Dyson vacuums and that we are authorized by Dyson to repair their vacuums under warranty she said she would be right in. Later that same day she arrived with her broken Dyson vacuum cleaner. When we asked what was wrong with the Dyson vacuum she said her Dyson vacuum needs a good cleaning. We asked if there were any other issues she has noticed or is concerned about and she did admit that her Dyson vacuum has a bad odor. We plugged in the Dyson vacuum cleaner and confirmed that it did have an awful smell, which we told her could be resolved with a good cleaning and filter replacement. She gave us the OK to perform the work. We called her the next day to let her know her Dyson vacuum cleaner was ready for action. When she arrived she was so happy with the work we did she offered us a $10 tip. We respectfully declined and explained that we did our job and we only wanted her to pay the actual amount of the service and not a penny more. Now she has a great working Dyson vacuum cleaner and we have a very happy vacuum customer in Glenview IL.