A customer was looking on line for an authorized Dyson vacuum cleaner repair center. They found a few choices near their home in Lake Forest. When they arrived at Kritz Vacuum in Highland Park with their broken Dyson we asked how they heard of us and what was wrong their Dyson vacuum cleaner. They told us that there were 2 factors that lead them to choose Kritz Vacuum to repair their Dyson vacuum over the other vacuum cleaner repair shops. The first was that we are a factory authorized Dyson repair center and the 2nd reason they gave was our outstanding customer service. They went on to tell us that their Dyson vacuum cleaner has no power. We performed a free estimate and confirmed that their Dyson vacuum has low suction. We determined the reason their Dyson lost suction is due to a clog and dirty filters. We removed the clog & cleaned both filters. Now their Dyson vacuum is working great in Lake Forest and we have a new & happy customer.