Today we are going to cover a few steps in maintaining a Shark Vacuum Cleaner. Since we are an authorized Shark dealer, we stock many replacement filters for Shark, brush rolls for Shark and we also repair Shark Vacuum Cleaners. We offer FREE estimates on Shark Vacuum Repairs, same day service in some instances and 10% off with mention of this blog posting:)

The most common issue we see with Shark Vacuum Cleaners is poor pick or loss of suction.  If this is the issue you are having try these 3 simple steps; 1) remove pre motor filters, wash and let dry over night. 2) take apart dirt cup and cyclone assembly, remove visible debris and wash, let cyclone dry 2-3 days. 3) check to see if your brush roll s spinning. Check to see that the Brush On/Off switch is depressed, clear clogs, hair, pet fur and other debris wrapped around brush roll.

If these don't resolve your problem, stop by for a FREE estimate to repair your Shark Vacuum Cleaner.