When you live in Glenview and you need your Dyson vacuum cleaner fixed, the nearest factory authorized Dyson vacuum cleaner repair center is in Highland Park at Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief. Dyson authorized Kritz Vacuum to repair Dyson vacuum cleaners over 10 years ago. When a customer from Glenview brought in their Dyson vacuum cleaner for repair service, we were ready for the job. They told us that their Dyson vacuum cleaner is not picking up and they were also concerned that their Dyson vacuum has a nasty smell. We asked a bunch of questions which revealed a few facts that helped us determine the cause. The admitted that they have rarely cleaned their 2 filters and that the have a shedding dog. We performed an estimate and confirmed that their Dyson vacuum has lost suction and a bad smell. We determined that the reason their Dyson vacuum is not [picking up and has a bad odor is due to dirty filters. We performed the needed repairs and now their Dyson is working great again.