Dust Mite Bedding

We offer the highest quality allergy relief products to help alleviate your suffering. Call us today for advice with your specific allergy situation.


We carry several sizes of mattress and pillow encasements that can help keep allergy sufferers in your home from being exposed to dust mites and the allergies they emit. Using these encasements along with weekly washing your bedding in hot water and drying them with hot air will go a long way to eliminating this allergy problem in your home.

Dust mite feces contain a highly toxic allergen, so wherever they live is likely to be an irritant to those who are allergic to this allergen. Pillow and mattress encasements are manufactured from an ultra-thin weave material that was long used in the manufacture of typewriter ribbons. Because this material has a weave that is impermeable to dust mites,  and is also soft, this material is a perfect solution for keeping dust mites away from mattresses and pillows. 

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