Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief now offers Bissell carpet cleaners, spot removing machines, vacuum cleaners and air movers for rent


When you Rent a Deep Cleaner, you are getting the ultimate in cleaning convenience. Instead of having to purchase your own cleaner and keep it maintained over the years, you can rent a model that is ready to go the day you need it. Once you’re finished, you return it to our store and never look back.

At Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief, we make it easy for you to get the deep cleaning power you need now.

Big Green Machine by Bissell

When you rent a deep cleaner you can:

* Tackle deep down dirt, debris and odors in your carpet

* Deep clean at a moment’s notice

* Use the machine for the time you need it, and then return it and forget about it

* Harness the cleaning power of BISSELL, without having to purchase a machine of your own

* Avoid having to store the machine in your home

* Get professional-level cleaning at an affordable price

* All of our equipment is brand new, meticulously cleaned after each use and in perfect working order. If you compare our machines to that of the local hardware store or large home good stores, and you will see that their equipment seems to be tired, dirty and worn out.

Life's Messy. Clean it Up.® Professional-grade carpet cleaning, any time you want.

Get professional-grade carpet cleaning any time you want with the BISSELL Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine; it even outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaner.* The large-capacity clean- and dirty-water tanks mean you get our best deep clean with fewer trips to the sink. Remove deep-down dirt from carpet with rotating DirtLifter® PowerBrushes that clean in both the forward and backward pass and stay comfortable while cleaning, thanks to the ergonomically designed, adjustable tank handle. The powerful clean you want is now available in your home.

Outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaner for professional-grade results*

Green Machine Product

Take advantage of the deep cleaning power of BISSELL Rental. It’s the fast, easy and effective way to deep clean your carpets, and the price is exactly right.

We carry a complete line of carpet shampoo, spot removers, odor eliminators, and unique formulas for cat, dog, and wine applications by UNIQUE.

UNIQUE makes safe products that work. We would never try to sell you something we don't stand 100% behind. If we wouldn't buy it, we wouldn't sell it! It's as simple as that. Product users should have complete confidence knowing that we won't release any sub-par products. 

UNIQUE products are safe all pets.



Nothing too big or too small for the job:

* Wet basement

* Spots to remove

* Dirty area rug

* One room of carpet or an entire home

* Favorite couch or chair that Fido loves too and just needs a refreshing

* Dingy stairs and halls

We offer rental terms to meet your needs, from daily to full ownership. That's right, if you rent a Carpet Cleaner, Spot Remover, Air mover or Vacuum Cleaner and you want to keep it, we have a rent-to-own program. Stop in for details.



*Cleaning results compared to the leading rental machine based on measurement of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers.