Customer Service is our Top Priority


“I had an old Dyson that had seen better days, so I decided to replace it. I reviewed the options out there and had made up my mind, then started looking to see who carried the model I wanted. Kritz carried it and had a trade-in deal, so after a quick confab over email, I went to the store. Once there, Steve showed me the model I was interested in, asked me what kind of cleaning I was going to be doing, and suggested a different make and model that cost the same but was lighter, easier to maintain and an all-around better value. Throw in his free annual maintenance deal and there’s no reason to go anywhere else. I’d have never gotten that kind of expertise or value from an online vendor or big-box store. This is the kind of business I like to support — local, honest, knowledgable and just all-around professional. Do yourself a favor and go see these guys when you need a vacuum cleaner.”


“I took my vacuum in today to have it fixed.  Ken spent a few minutes looking at it, removed clogs in two separate areas and had it running like new.  He showed me where to look for clogs in the future.  Very helpful, very friendly, very honest.  I highly recommend them.”


“So I drive up and am getting my vac out of the car……when this guy runs out and says….hey let me do that!  He had me there.  I had called another repair service and the attitude on the phone was horrific.  Looked at my vac – said I needed the belts replaced – could do it in 15 mins.  Total charge with parts $20.00 – he then carried the vac back out and placed it in my car.   Great service….great attitude.”


“Purchased my air purifier here and could not be happier. Great personal service and a knowledgable salesperson. Ask them to show you the air quality meter for testing the air purifier! You won’t believe it!”