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Kirby Vacuums are best known for their long life build quality. Kirby has been making their vacuum from mostly metal components since their beginnings in the early part of the 1900’s. Kirby Vacuums are sold through their direct marketing program where a salesperson comes into your home and provides a 90 minute demonstration in hopes of selling you a Kirby Vacuum. Their salesforce will also come to the home to sell you bags and perform service.

Over the years we have found customers prefer to buy their Kirby Vacuum bags form Kritz Vacuum due to our lack of high pressure tactics. Kritz Vacuum also does Kirby vacuum repairs in our store, with no pressure.

We always give Kirby Vacuum repairs FREE estimates. If you have a Kirby Heritage that is 60 years old or a Kirby G5, or Kirby Ultimate G or Kirby Sentria or their newest Kirby Avalir, no problem, we can fix it. So if your Kirby vacuum needs repair, we’ve got you covered.

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